Why Get a Mobile Contract?

If you haven’t experienced being subscribed to a phone contract before, you’ll be blown away by its benefits over PAYG. First, you’ll thank us because with a mobile contract, you’ll never have to top up again. This means continuous use of your mobile services without having to worry about interruptions because your credits have run out.

Second, with a mobile phone contract, you’ll get to acquire a new mobile, even if you don’t have the cash to buy one in the first place. Because payments are subsidised throughout your contract’s term, you don’t have to drain your cash savings in one splurge.

About Bad Credit Mobile Phones

As the term suggests, these types of deals are designed specifically for people whose credit rating are not good enough to be given a traditional mobile contract. With specific handsets, tariffs, and terms, these select deals significantly increase your chances of qualifying for a mobile phone contract even without good credit history to back up your application.

Bad credit mobile phones are tailor-made to fit the individual needs of customers with poor credit rating who couldn’t secure their mobile contracts elsewhere. With the help of Mobile Plan, you’ll know exactly where to find these offers and avoid rejection altogether.

How It Works

    • Receive Your Free Quote

First, we request that you fill out our online application form with your name and contact details so that we will know how to get in touch with you. Don’t worry because it only takes about 30 seconds to submit your details. After that, we will look into your application and give you access to our extensive list of phone deals instantly.

    • Choose Your Phone

Once you’re taken to our results page, you now have the freedom to choose the phone that you want from our select handsets. Keep in mind that while the newest and most expensive smartphones in the world today might not be available, you’ll see that our service still gives you plenty of decent and reliable phones to choose from.

    • Choose Your Tariffs

Now that you’ve chosen the phone model that you want, the next thing to do is to choose what tariffs you want included. We offer a broad range of packages to choose from, including unlimited texts, minutes, data, or all-unlimited. Note that the prices may be higher or lower depending on your chosen unit and the amount of inclusive tariffs.

    • Wait for Decision

After we’ve received your application, we will forward it to our partner networks for review. If you got accepted, you will then be informed within a few hours, and then your new phone will be sent to your home within the next day!

Why Compare with Mobile Plan

Top Rated Deals

Here at Mobile Plan, we have access to the most competitive deals in the market that won’t hurt your wallet. The offers we recommend are not just easy to qualify for, but are affordable as well. Whether you’re looking for a regular contract with phone or a SIM only deal, Mobile Plan can help you get offers that would easily fit your needs and budget.

Wide Array of Handsets

Mobile Plan takes pride in being able to give you access to the most desirable phones in the market today. You’ll find that our competitors who claim to offer the same service that we do will limit your handset options to the most basic and cheapest phones only. We, on the other hand, can help you qualify for some of the coolest feature phones and smartphones that you won’t find on our competitors’ lists.

Market-Leading Providers

We have built solid partnerships with the country’s most reputable network providers, including EE, Vodafone, O2, and Virgin, to name just a few. This gives you the assurance that no matter where you get your service from, you get it from a reliable and top-rated provider.

Most Competent Phone Specialists

Here at Mobile Plan, we have hired industry-leading professionals whose experiences are built on decades of hard work and dedication. We have helped thousands of other individuals with credit problems get the contract phones that they desire, and we are bound to give you the same assistance.

Reliable Customer Service

Our operations rely on the latest technology and top notch customer support from our friendly and reliable staff. We are dedicated to answer to your needs immediately, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Honest and Impartial

Mobile Plan is here to provide you with honest and impartial comparison service. We work independently and do not favour any particular provider, thus, you can rest assured that our recommendations will be provided considering your best interest, not ours.

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