Ditch these Unpleasant Texting Habits to Save Your Relationship

Ditch these Unpleasant Texting Habits to Save Your Relationship
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Mobile phone usage has beena part of our daily routine since the advent of digital technology. But do you realise, if for example your partner uses his mobile phone so often that it has become reflective of the way he treats you? It is quite intriguing to see how mobile phone habits can tell so much about a user’s character.

Whether you’re on a date or hanging out with your friends, you will notice these annoying habits that can be enough to storm your way out of the room. On the contrary, you could be doing the same thing unknowingly, so what are these unpleasant behaviours that you need to ditch seriously? Find them out below.

Refusing to Put Your Mobile Phone on Silent Mode

Understand that you don’t have to be on the phone 24/7. Why not put it on silent mode whenever you are in a meeting or even having a casual talk with someone? Being courteous to people who matter to you is for free anyway, not to mention healthy. Take note that etiquette is very important in building rapport with other people.

Public Display of Private Conversations

Know your limit when sharing information with someone else on the phone. Just because you’re having a great time text messaging a friend does not mean you’d want make a tell-all. Some things are still better discussed privately than talking about it on public otherwise it might backfire at you. Ever heard of eavesdropping and how many relationships it has destroyed?

Social Media Browsing While You’re with Someone

How relaxing it is to be just cosying up with your partner on a lazy afternoon and not even a single beep breaks that peace and silence between you two? If you have been tagged on that Facebook post; that could wait until later because the mere factyou are not giving your full attention to a partner is disrespectful. Truth is, there’s more to life than social media interactions.

Taking Selfies and Instagram-worthy Photos Everywhere

Couldn’t shake off the itch to take a series of selfies and we-fies with friends and your surroundings? Time for you to realize that you don’t need the “likes” of other people to validate yourself because you’re beautiful in your own way. See that person beside you? He/she loves you just the same. So, don’t take selfies ALL THE TIME that it has kept you pre-occupied and forget about the person you’re with right now. This might make him feel like his presence is not enough to keep your focus on him.

Texting or Calling When You’re Drunk

You’ve been there, done that for sure, but how did that make you feel whether you’re on the receiving end of the message or not? Romantic? Bothersome? See, when you’re drunk you are not sure of what you are doing so don’t confuse someone who’s going to read your I-love-you-when-I’m-drunk message. It is just downright improper. Say it the right way by approaching the person personally and make sure you are sober.

Keeping in Touch with Your Exes

Truth be told, cheating is already painful as it is, but doing it in front of your partner is evil. The only valid reason to keep in touch with exes still, especially with your date around, is during life and death situations. Otherwise, maybe you’d have to go through some deep thinking about your current relationship.

Invasion of Privacy through Your Messages

Logging in on the social media account of your partner? Reading through the inbox of his mobile phone? It doesn’t get any worse than this. For most people, this behaviour is a matter of you not trusting your partner and it could lead to a more serious problem. If ever one of you has gotten to that point, better talk it down and address what’s wrong in the relationship instead of spying on each other’s mobile phone activities endlessly.

Flooding Text Messages during Working Hours

A clingy partner who’s demanding your attention thru texting despite being busy with work will make you run for the hills. It could be his tendency to get really obsessive over someone kicking in, so you either have to help him out to change for the better or just quit the relationship.

There you have it! With these tips, you should now have become aware of your mobile phone habits that could either make or break a potential relationship

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