Why apply through Mobile Plan?

While you certainly have the option to apply to the network providers directly, it’s still more ideal to go through Mobile Plan because we can back you up accordingly. First, we can pinpoint which offers you will most likely qualify for, avoiding the risk of rejection. Second, our service is bound to save you time and money, as compared to going through the deals all by yourself.

What phone can I apply for?

Because we work with several networks in the country, you’ll find that with our help, you can get access to the most extensive range of handsets. However, we would like to advise you against applying for the most expensive and latest smartphones in the market today, because the risk of rejection will be higher. Ideally, pick a phone that isn’t too expensive and which hasn’t been released within the last 6 weeks.

How can I get my phone?

If your application was approved, your handset will be delivered to your home typically within the next business day, if it is readily available. If the phone you chose is temporarily out of stock, you’ll be given the option to select another device or wait for a few days until your desired phone is ready.

What if I don’t need a new phone?

No problem! If you have a phone that you still want and can use, you can take advantage of the savings you’ll get by choosing SIM only contracts. Because there’s no phone included, the monthly payments are much cheaper. You also don’t need to sign up 2-year contracts as opposed to regular mobile contracts, because there’s no handset cost to be recovered over the term.

How long is the application process?

The application process itself is very quick and easy. All it takes is a few seconds to complete our online form, after which your details will be reviewed within a few minutes. Everything can be completed within the same business day, depending on how quick you can make up your mind.

How will I know if I got accepted?

If your application got approved, we will get in touch with you immediately, usually within just a few hours.

Is approval guaranteed?

Unlike other less than reputable sites, we don’t offer any guarantee that your application will be accepted, not because we don’t trust our service, but because we follow proper protocols. Responsible providers will conduct measures to ensure that you qualify for the service that they offer, which is why there is no right for us to guarantee your acceptance. However, because we are experts in the matter, you can rest assured that we will handle your application with the best possible care that we can give so that you can say goodbye to denials once and for all.

How long would the contract period be?

Regular mobile contracts usually last for about 24 months and not below 18 months. This is because you still have to pay for your handset’s cost over the term. Meanwhile, SIM only contracts can be availed for about 3 to 12 months, depending on your preference and liking for commitment. You may also choose 30-day rolling SIM only deals, but generally, tariffs are cheaper in 12-month deals.

How much will my monthly payments be?

Your monthly bills will depend on your chosen handset and tariffs. Of course, a more expensive device and tariff will yield higher monthly payments. You’ll only get to pay your agreed monthly bill, unless you exceed the recommended usage in your contract.

Can I switch to another network?

Unfortunately, you can’t just switch to another network while your contract is still in force. If you really have to do so, you may have to pay early termination fees to get out of the service legally. It would be illegal to have your phone unlocked mid-contract.

How much do you charge?

Our site’s services are totally free. We are here only to help assist you in finding a suitable deal, but you don’t have to pay us for this. However, we do earn commissions from our partners for every successful referral, but you can rest assured that this amount won’t be charged on you.

Am I obliged to select a deal after using your form?

Of course not. We are here to show you the offers available, not to force you into getting one. If you find that there’s a better deal somewhere or if you’re not ready to upgrade to a contract phone yet, you are free to walk away at any time.

Will there be any credit checks?

Credit checks are a part of any application for contract. Providers must do this to ensure that you are given a deal that’s right for you. With bad credit mobile phones, however, the way credit checks are performed are quite different from traditional contracts, because the service targets specifically people with credit problems.