How to Deal with Mobile Application Rejections

If you’re one of those people who constantly get rejected every time, don’t be frustrated. While your credit itself cannot be fixed overnight, we have a bunch of useful tips that can help ensure your next mobile contract application will be a huge success.

Don’t Be Too Picky

If you want to get a mobile contract with phone included, make sure you don’t apply for the extremely expensive phones, as they could run the risk of rejection. If you just want to secure that you will get accepted, apply for the cheaper phones. After a while, you might just be able to upgrade to the actual phone that you want.

Provide Your Own Phone

Meanwhile, if getting a new phone is not an issue, you can try out SIM only deals, where you only get a postpaid SIM, without a handset. This means you can still use your mobile services freely, and you also get to pay lower monthly payments because there’s no handset cost to worry about.

Prepare Enough Deposit

In some cases, providing a security deposit may help. This is an amount of money that serves as security against the contract, so that your provider has something to recover in case you run away. Security deposits cannot be withdrawn for a specific time period, but after about a year of making your payments on time, the money should be returned to you.

Settle Other Balances

It’s always such a turnoff for your provider to see lots of pending bills on your account. To help establish trust, make sure that you pay off or at least reduce other debts that you owe.

Avoid Too Much Use of Credit

When you have bad credit rating, it may hurt a bit more when you’re adding even more debt. Ideally, you should focus on your existing debts, work on improving your credit history, and refrain from applying for new types of credit when you’re planning to apply for a mobile contract.

Wait a While

If you just applied and got rejected, sit back and relax. While it may be frustrating, there’s no need for you to rush and send out new applications frantically. In fact, that could even hurt your chances. What you can do right now is focus on your other obligations and make sure to meet your repayments on time. Chances are, after a few months, you may see a huge difference when the time comes that you’re ready to apply again.