How to Prolong Your Phone’s Battery Life?

How to Prolong Your Phone’s Battery Life?
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Turn off the power when not in use

Turning off your phone is one of the best ways to save phone battery, but many people do not want to since most are workers and are waiting for highly important messages and calls almost all the time. If you wish to really save your battery life, turning off your phone when you are not anticipating for any texts or calls from someone important. For instance, when you wish to sleep. When you are in a place where it has bad signal coverage, you can turn on your airplane mode to save battery life.

You can clearly compare the days of today and before where phone batteries used to last for more than three days without recharging them. These days, phones that still have battery juice even up to the next day are something fortunate. If you turn your phone off once in a while, it might actually give your phone more power.

Adjust the Brightness and Screen Timeout

Your phone’s display sucks up most of the juice of your battery if we put it in a way that your phone is in idle mode. Moreover, if you adjust its brightness to low, which does not hurt your eyes in anyway, you can even save more battery life. If want to save more, then do not choose moving wallpapers. Instead, go for dim to darker shades as your wallpaper. Screen timeout should be less than a minute so check your settings that it does not take a minute or more before it goes to sleep mode. If it is, then it will contribute in the draining of your battery life since it will still light up for that amount of time even if you are not using it. Choose the shortest time there is on the options.

Turn Off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS when Not in Use

With your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS all turned on at the same time, they will keep on searching for signals; thus, quickly draining your battery life even if you are not using them or your phone is in inactive mode. When there is nothing to expect, the least you could do is turn them all off. Only turn them back on when you need to.

Disable Flash

With your flash on, it can also eat up a huge percent of your battery life. When you do not need it, see to it that it is turned off.

Disable unused Applications

There are times we forget to close the applications we have used a few moments ago and so they continue to run on the background. Always put in mind that you have to close the applications if you do not need to utilize them before you even go to the home screen or lock the screen. To ensure that you have closed the applications, go to your application manager and check. If there are some unnecessary and unwanted apps that are running, you can delete them.

Give Your Phone Frequent Charges

The batteries of our phones today have a longer life span if you frequently charge them and not wait for it to drain to zero and then charge them back to full. When you see the percentage of your battery life has gone around 40-50%, that is the time for you to charge your phone.

There is no problem if you charge your phone on. It is not recommended to use your phone when it is charging. Be mindful when the battery has reached its 100% and when it does, you have to disconnect your phone from the charger.

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